Ditron Precision is a leading manufacturer of precision machined components located in Israel. Ditron's balanced geographic presents is a key strength. in 2010 Ditron established a network od distrubution centers in France, Poland, Germany and in North America. Offices strategically located in Detroit Mi. offer immediate services and support to all of our US customers. 


Ditron Precision was established in 1968 with the threefold dedication to providing the very best in precision, quality, and reliability to our customers. We specialize in design and production of high-precision machined components with the utmost specifics of performance. Since 1992 we have focused exclusively on automotive parts.

Ditron Precision owns and operates out of a 6,000 m2 (60,000 sq. feet) state of the art facility totally air conditioned which was built in 1998.


In our thirty years of operation, our objective has always been to consistently provide the highest level of professionalism, excellence of service, and utmost quality in automotive manufacturing and parts development. Ditron Precision is committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers' specifications in a reliable and timely fashion.